Could SAIRAT result in disrupting movie business?

Photo-006Nagraj Manjule and his team have achieved an enviable success through its latest Marathi movie Sairat. By now, this movie is known to many non-Marathi speaking viewers as well. The movie has broken all previous records and has become the highest grossing Marathi movie ever, by surpassing Natsamrat, released at the beginning of 2016.

Nagraj Manjule has changed the entire rule book of movie-making while achieving phenomenal success. The director did not have much capital to bank upon, if we consider his previous work: Pistulya (award winning short film) and the feature film Fandry (liked by viewers and critically acclaimed by experts as well) while starting the work of Sairat, apart from the unwavering support he received from his producers, Nitin Keni and Nikhil Sane.

In the entire team of actors and actresses of Sairat, there were two known faces that had previous `experience’ of working in the movie: Chaya Kadam, who has worked with Nagraj in Fandry and is known to Marathi viewers, and Suraj Pawar, who has worked with the same director in Pistulya and Fandry.

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